Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Overcome That Limiting Self-Talk! "I Feel Like a Fraud!"

I hear this kind of self-talk in different guises from clients all the time. So if you're feeling 'like a fraud' or are worried that people might 'suss you out eventually' believe me, you are not alone!

I think feelings of fraudulence stem from the fact that many of us are striving for perfection most of the time. Unless you are the most knowledgeable; or the most experienced; or the most qualified person in the room you simply can't compete. Which of course, is poppycock.

I also think, from a feminine perspective, our concept of 'right and wrong' is rooted very deeply. So if you're putting yourself forwards for a promotion that say, you don't believe you're qualified enough for, your sense of right and wrong is likely to stop you from proceeding.

So how can we get over these thoughts?

1. Accept that you have plenty to offer - in terms of your skills, strengths and the value you can - and do - already add.

2. Accept that you might not have all the answers, but then who has?

3. Go for gold! If you do go for a new role, or put yourself forwards to push your comfort zone see it as a huge opportunity. The more you experience and the more your learn, the more marketable and powerful you will become.

- RW

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