Sunday, November 3, 2013

Your Best Career Opportunity is NOW

Your career is only as good as your current opportunity.

Most people think about their careers in linear form. In other words, they judge where they are based on their career to date and where they want to take it.

There's nothing desperately wrong with that of course but it isn't terribly inspiring.

The past is, well, the past. It's gone. And yes, of course past experience can be valuable when pursuing your next 'step' and yet, in some respects, the past in uninteresting.

The future is where 'goals' sit: aspirations to achieve a particular level of success perhaps. Or to work your way up the ladder.

Again, there's nothing wrong with this thinking, those goals just may never happen due to choice or other factors.

The truth is, your career is happening right now beneath your nose. And my question to you is: "Is your current career giving you everything you want right now?"

The opportunity isn't in the past or the future. It is here, right now.

So, right now, are you choosing to make the best of this opportunity?

Are you getting the most from it?

Are your values being met?

Are you utilising your deepest strengths?

Are you delivering the value that you know will make you feel most fulfilled?

If you answered 'no' to any of those questions you need to challenge yourself by asking, "What's missing?"

And make sure that your next career opportunity plugs those gaps.