Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Enjoy Your Power...Dress to Impress!

Our appearance has a huge bearing on how we are perceived by others, but more important perhaps than that, our appearance has a potent impact on how we both consciously and unconsciously view ourselves.

I bet you've got a little black dress, stunning purple heels, a fitted jacket or something similar that when worn, projects you into a world of self-power and confidence.

For me, power comes from wearing colour. I love colour! So much so that I make every effort to inject colour into my daily choices - a zappy red belt to complement a black dress; a green dress with a strong print; a bright blue bag with matching shoes.

I like to make a statement when I dress because for me, that fills my insides with a powerful energy which errupts into my physical energy: how I speak, how I act, how I laugh. I am at my most confident when I am enjoying what I am wearing.

Clothes: some women feel at their strongest when wearing dresses - others in trousers. Find your preference and use it!

Colours: again some of us prefer darker, more corporate colours whilst others like colour or fancy detail. Go with your instinct.

Styles: whatever style you choose make sure it's well fitted!

Accessories: I really believe that quality accessories are a powerful ingredient in a woman's armoury! Get bold with your accessories and make a statement - go on, I dare you!

Use the fact that Christmas is coming as a fabulous reason to go out and buy some new, 'power' clothes to power you through 2012!

What are your thoughts on clothes and colour?

- Rebecca


  1. Power dressing? BLACK! Black black black! With a little splash of colour:

  2. Ha! Looking forward to seeing that red cravat sometime soon then Tim! :)