Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How Passion Could Damage Your Personal Brand

I am not what I would call a particular fan of 'celebrity' but I do find celebrity fascinating.

Just like you and me, celebrities have personal brands. Some even have two: one for the stage and another for when they're at home on the sofa drinking Milo, wearing ill-matching socks.

Where personal branding is of special interest to me, is when a so-called celebrity deviates from his or her usual guise.

Adele, a usually well-behaved and feminine singer, was 'caught out' yesterday making an obscene one fingered gesture at the Brit Awards.

On the face of it, such a mistake could be quickly forgotten and her 'brand' remain untarnished. Yet undoubtedly, a simple slip like this could also come back to haunt her.

In itself, a two second one fingered 'salute' might not damage Adele's image but the subconscious residue that lingers very well might.

When doubt is thrown over a current perception you have it means you question whether you 'had it right' in the first place. It also leads you to be on the lookout for further evidence to support the new perception.

What are your thoughts?

- Have you made a comment or gesture you later regretted?
- Or perhaps a comment or gesture that was out of character?
- What was the result?


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Why Your Current Career Plan is Failing You

Watch this tip on video!

If you want to get ahead in your career in 2012 it's vital that you have a plan. It shouldn't be complicated - this is actually why most plans fail.

In fact it's far better if it's not. Here's a 4 Step process sure to take you to the top!

First up, think about your BHAG for the year. What's a BHAG? A Big Hairy Audacious Goal.

Your BHAG might have nothing to do with work. Perhaps your BHAG, like my friend Lisa, is to run a marathon in 2012.

Maybe you want to be promoted at work.

Whatever your BHAG, think BIG and think AUDACIOUS!


Next, ask yourself what 3 outcomes you absolutely need to ensure to see your BHAG is met. Say your goal, as it is for many of our clients, is to get promoted this year. Your three outcomes might be to:

1. Ensure I am known to key senior decision makers

2. Have an opinion and make sure it is heard in meetings

3. Find out what POs (performance outcomes) I need to meet to enable me to argue my case for a promotion


Create a table with your three outcomes in the left column. Then divide your table into 4 columns with each one representing a quarter (January-March for example).


Lastly, decide on what actions you need to take each quarter to ensure each of your outcomes is met... and stick your plan somewhere obvious, where you'll see it every day.

And then TAKE ACTION! Without that, you have nothing!

Is Your Gut Taking a Back Row Seat in Your Decision Making?

Intuition is something we all have. It could be described as a 'gut feeling' or 'a natural instinct'. It's what makes you feel uncomfortable when you're in the company of someone you really can't stand!

Okay, so now we all agree as to what intuition is we now all need to agree to use it more often!

A Neon Zebra is an individual who stands firm. She is committed to defending her own opinion and trusting her gut feel.

Think about the situations where you trust your intuition and consider too the times when you don't.

* Is there a pattern?

* Do you question yourself more around particular people for instance?

* Do you buckle more easily under pressure or greater stress?

* Notice when you are more likely to hesitate or procrastinate about making a decision. What are the patterns here too?

The greater awareness you have about how you do things means you can make a choice to 'do things' differently next time!

- Rebecca

Friday, February 3, 2012

Do You Need Technology To Be Successful?

I am what you might call a 'technological laggard': I am super slow to adopt anything new.

I was buying a Discman (for CDs) when the Mini-disc Player came out.

I was buying a Mini-disc Player when the iPod came out.

I never bothered getting an iPod; I am still satisfied playing CDs on my ghetto blaster.

An interesting survey I recently read points out that women who embrace technology are 'more likely to be highly successful'.

I suppose this means that technology makes life easier and allows us women to get even more done, even more efficiently than we would do without it.

I don't have an iPhone (go figure) but I do have a Blackberry... which I adore. And I must say, it does enable me to get more done... and makes me even more efficient than I was before the said smartphone graced my world.

But perhaps success isn't about 'productivity' or 'efficiency'. Perhaps it's about having more time to spend doing all the other stuff in my life once I've got all my work done.

What do you think?
Does technology make you more 'successful'?
And what does 'success' mean here?

All comments welcome!

- Rebecca