Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Anthony Robbins’ 6 Core Human Needs

According to Anthony Robbins, top peak performance coach, "We are all driven by the need to fulfil six human needs. These six, basic human needs are not just desires or wants, but profound needs which serve as the basis of every choice we make".

Here are Robbins’ list of Human Needs:

1. Certainty
The need for security, comfort and consistency.

2. Uncertainty
The need for variety and challenge.

3. Significance
The need to feel important, needed, wanted and worthy of love.

4. Love and Connection
The need to feel connected with, and loved by, other human beings.

5. Growth
The need for constant development emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.

6. Contribution
The need to ‘give beyond ourselves’ and give to others.

Clearly, your 'needs' must be met to enable fulfilment and joy in your life but is it ever possible that those needs might cloud your judgment? Or slow your progress?

I believe so.

Your 'needs' are crucial to understand and even more important is your ability to take action despite them.

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