Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How to Avoid Self-Sabotage When You Land a New Promotion

We all suffer from limiting self-talk from time to time.

The difference between people who are successful, and those who are not, is that successful people acknowledge their 'inner gremlins' almost immediately and shout them down before they've had the chance to flex their muscles and gain any momentum.

This month's self-sabotaging self-talk is:

"What if I get that promotion and then make a mess of it?"

Isn't that funny? You proactively bust your guts to make a solid impression on the decision makers around you, are rewarded with a promotion and then immediately doubt whether you're up to the task.

Fear is a projection that you make into the future. It isn't real. It exists only in your mind. And you, like many of us, are very capable of conjuring up a multitude of possible outcomes, that may or may not ever eventuate in the future.

So for starters, stop making assumptions about the unhelpful things that might happen!

Any new opportunity poses new challenges. There are unknowns. There are questions. There is a lack of total certainty. And that's okay; you're pushing your boundaries and seeing what you're capable of. It's exciting!

Look at a new situation, like a promotion, as an opportunity for growth and learning. Expecting yourself to get everything right all of the time only sets yourself up for trouble.

See it as a step-by-step journey. You can methodically plan your steps to ensure you make all that you want happen in your new role. The key is not to overwhelm yourself - or to second-guess what the people around you are thinking of you as you commit to the journey.

Look for support. Ask for help. Seek a mentor. And if you also believe in your own experience and ability, you'll soar. Enjoy the journey!


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