Monday, January 10, 2011

Comfort Zones Are There To Be Broken

- Does fear get in your way?

- Do you waste energy conjuring 'what if...' scenarios in your head?

- Does the idea of trying something new freak you out?

Your comfort zone is 'comfortable' because everything within it is known to you. Here, there are no surprises.

Goals, by their very nature, are outside of your comfort zone. Trying new things, or testing yourself, are also beyond these boundaries.

Although it feels warm and fuzzy and safe in 'your zone' it also means you're potentially operating on auto-pilot: in a constant state of mere existence. Which, although easy, is not really all that fun.

As human beings, we have masses of potential and true fulfilment only comes from testing that potential.

As adults we teach ourselves to stop testing those limits because 'fear' creeps in. We start questionning whether 'we should' and 'what might others think of us'.

Here's a thing: set yourself a mini goal. Nothing too outrageous! Decide what you could do in the next 24-48 hours to get on with it and start making it happen. Already you're out of your comfort zone.

- Maybe you need to ask someone's advice
- Maybe you need to make a phone call
- Maybe you need to start doing some research

Whatever it is, go for it. Every single step you take expands your 'zone' so that you become 'comfortable' with so much more. This has a profound effect on your confidence and esteem - what else are you capable of?


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