Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Stop Indecision and Allowing Other People to Sway Your Views!

Here's a mini-questionnaire for you:

A) Do you find it difficult to make decisions without first consulting others for their opinions?


B) Do you 'just know' when you are making the right decision?

A) Do you find that you are easily swayed by other people and readily change your mind when they disagree with you?


B) Do you accept that other people have different opinions to you and know that you don't need to agree with their views?

If you answered A) to both questions this implies that you have an 'external' perspective, meaning that you rely on external feedback before feeling comfortable reaching a decision.

If you answered B) to both questions you are more 'internal' i.e. you look inside to find your solutions and answers.

Both perspectives have benefits and costs.

In terms of the latter, overly 'internal' people can be regarded as arrogant, with no desire to listen to any alternative viewpoints whilst extreme 'external' people can take forever to get anything done and drive everyone nuts in the process!

When building a strong personal brand in the workplace it is vital that you work on your ability to 'look inside' to find the answers to your challenges. Know why you have chosen a particular option without feeling the need to justify it. Listen to other people if you wish to - it doesn't mean they are right and you are wrong. You could both be right.

Appearing decisive and holding firm are both very important as you grow as a leader. And who knows - perhaps you'll sway others along the way!

- RW

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