Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What My Pregnancy Is Teaching Me About Personal Branding

I am now 26 weeks pregnant. And it's a very funny thing.

Everyone seems to have an opinion about it - those who are mothers; those who never want to be mothers; and those who, for anatomical reasons, will never be mothers. :)

What I find most interesting is how so many of the people I come across - both personally and professionally - want to share their own fears of pregnancy and childbirth; or recount their wives' horrific 20-hour labour stories; or even laugh as they relay a particularly gruesome episode of ER with me...

What really throws them, is when I talk about the preparation I am making for a natural, drug-free, Hypnobirthing birth. If you don't know what Hypnobirthing is all about, essentially it is a calm method of birthing using specific breathing and visualisation techniques to enable your body to do what it was built to do naturally.

People scoff. People's eyes widen with fear. What? You're just going to breathe the baby out?! No pain relief? No going purple from pushing for half a day?

What this truly exciting period in my life is teaching me (amongst a whole lot of other things) is the importance of standing up for what you believe in and not allowing other peoples' fears to sway my decisions or to put doubt in my mind.

Building a strong personal brand is really no different: it's all about being true to yourself and standing up for your own convictions.

- RW

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