Monday, April 8, 2013

The Problem Women Have with 'Job Offers'


Did you hear the one about the woman who snapped up a job offer of $150k and then cried all the way home?

A 'job offer' is just that: an offer. It is not a final offer.

You may know that many women start their careers financially worse off than men.

To give you an idea a recent UK study, published in the Hecsu Journal Graduate Market Trends, found that 55% of male graduates earned below £23,999 whilst 70% of female grads earned an equivalent sum.

These figures are reflective of global statistics unfortunately and of course set a precedent for women for the rest of their careers.
Women are constantly playing 'catch up' and it all starts with that first job offer.

But Isn't $150k a Lot of Money?

Now, a job offer of $150k might sound remarkable. It might even take your breath away.

But unless you observe the figure in context, you will never know how much more you could have secured.

Stand Your Ground

The mistake many women make is to accept the initial offer and walk away. They feel happy because this decision gives them immediate security.

But what if there was a budget of $220k assigned to the job in question? Haven't you just lost out on $70k?!

You Have Nothing to Lose
Too much rides on your ability to negotiate. Remember, it isn't just your salary today that's at stake, but the incremental effect this particular negotiation will have on all your future salaries as well.

Here are some ideas to give you the strength to negotiate:

1. See your initial offer as just that: an offer.

2. Have a view of what salary you want to negotiate up to.

3. Ask for what you believe you deserve, plus a bit more.

4. Be (a little) flexible.

5. Wait: you should receive an amended offer.

6. Consider it and take your time.

7. Push back again if you need to - focus on the value you add to the organisation: they need you more!

8. Celebrate when you believe you have done all that you can to achieve the outcome you want.

What are your thoughts on this - I'd love to hear your perspectives.


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