Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Thatcher: A Lesson For We Women

Today we mark the passing of Margaret Thatcher - 'The Iron Lady' - and first, and only, female Prime Minister of Great Britain.

In her lifetime she had a phenomenal impact, both at home and overseas, and created a platform from which modern British politics has been shaped. When asked about her greatest achievement she replied, "New Labour."

Thatcher hauled a weak Great Britain out of its despair and led it, through a highly tumultuous period, to power once again; she took on the Unions, education and police reforms; led her country through ferrocious terrorist attacks on home soil; and even went to war.

She is famed for her no-nonsense approach, sheer determination and deep patriotism for her country.

A remarkable life and a remarkable legacy.

And all from a woman who was the daughter of a humble grocer.

We modern women must take note of the fact that Margaret Thatcher achieved what she did because of the woman she was.

What do you think?

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