Friday, September 28, 2012

Personal Branding Quick Tip 5: Promote Your Value


Now that you have passion for what you do; love who you are; understand what value you offer the world; and accept it too... it's time to market and promote that value to the people who matter.
Why? You might be asking.

Isn't enough for me to know how I make an impact? Surely the key decision makers around me - my manager, the Board - know all this too?
The key to success in life I have found, is to assume nothing.
  • Assume no-one knows anything about you.
  • Assume no-one has noticed you staying at work late.
  • Assume no-one has observed the insights you add in meetings.
  • Assume no-one has a clue who you are...
...and you're off to a great start!

Promoting your value is a more complex process than I can explain in a 'quick tip' such as this. But the basics are these:
Who needs to know about you?
We're talking about people who have decision making capabilities: your manager; a senior partner; your clients; your Board
How can you get in front of them?
Think about coffee meetings, networking opportunities, and social opportunities at work.
What do they need to know?
Go back to earlier tips about understanding and accepting your value.
How can you tell them?
What stops most people from 'promoting their value' is a concern they will come across as arrogant.

You can promote yourself and do it authentically: it's a question of defining how you want to come across in a way that works for you.
- Rebecca

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