Thursday, November 24, 2011

Hear From Katherine Brandon

Our coaching team at Clear Horizon Coaching is fortunate to work with many extraordinary women, encourage them to them challenge their thinking and fast track their careers.

It's also lovely to receive testimonials! Here are some words from Katherine Brandon, from English Australia, who I coached in 2011:

“Rebecca Wells of Clear Horizon Coaching has provided invaluable support over the few months that she has been coaching me. We always worked towards clear goals that related to my direct needs, but Rebecca was flexible enough to address other issues that arose. She is a great listener and has a wonderful range of strategies and approaches that she applied to my different needs, and the detailed written records of our sessions continue to be extremely useful.

Rebecca has really helped me to focus, to be more organised and to have more courage and confidence in my skills.

I work as part of a small team and all have commented on how much calmer I was recently when organising our annual conference! I’ve been able to share some of the strategies I’ve learnt in my coaching sessions with the team and this has helped all of us with our strategic planning and our services to our members.

Rebecca is perceptive, systematic, extremely knowledgeable and has the highest professional standards. I cannot recommend her highly enough and I am hoping to continue working with her in the future.”

Thank you Katherine for enabling us to publish your testimonial.

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- Rebecca

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