Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Do You Know Your Strengths?

Just because you can do something doesn't necessarily mean you should do it.

Let me explain. We all have strengths. These are skills that are innate - you were born with natural strengths. Often they are so much a part of who you are, you don't even see them as strengths! But they are!

There will be strengths that you have that you really, really enjoy utilising.

- Maybe you get a real kick out of mediating other people to get an outcome?
- Or you're so organised you can't wait to get back to your desk to tidy it up again?

You should be aware of strengths like these and make it your mission to use them every single day a) because it makes you happy and b)because these strengths come naturally to you.

There is no point however in utilising strengths, however easy they come to you, if you don't enjoy them.

I could...

- paint the wall that needs painting
- write my own marketing copy
- do my own book keeping

...but why would I when I don't enjoy doing any of those things?

Have a think about the tasks on your to-do list. Yes you might be able to complete them all but in doing so, are you playing to your absolute strengths... and most importantly, the strengths you enjoy spending time with?

- Rebecca

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