Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rebecca's Column in emPOWER Magazine Spring 2011 Issue: Raise Your Profile Without Stepping on Toes

Rebecca is a columnist in emPOWER magazine's Spring 2011 issue.

The topic? "Raise Your Profile at Work Without Stepping on Any Toes."

Here's a snippet, just for you!

"What is it about the topic of 'raising your profile' that makes so many people visibly squirm? In my experience it's fear: fear of being different; fear of what other people might think; fear of being isolated by those around you.

This fear can be so overwhelming it can cripple many people from even dipping their toe in the abundance of opportunity that is out there.

And let's face it, maintaining anonymity and hiding in the shadows feels safe, warm and familiar; there are no surprises. The downside of this however is stagnation. Playing it safe means you don't move forwards, sideways, or well... anywhere really.

You stay where you are, possibly in the vain hope that someone somewhere will eventually recognise your value and contribution and reward it handsomely. In reality, that day never comes.

To get anywhere in your career, you need to stick your neck out, be brave and bold.

The irony of taking this kind of action is the more you stand up for what you believe in -your values, your mission and your personal and professional objectives - and push for the outcomes you want, the more you will engage and draw people towards you..."

Read the whole article (pg42) and download the entire magazine here!

I'd love to hear your views on self promotion in the workplace!


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