Monday, September 26, 2011

Career Checklist - Are You On Track?

It's easy to stick your head in the sand. Safe even. There are few things to challenge you down there. The problem with this though is that you also don't progress...

It's time to ask yourself some hard questions:

1. Is my career shaping up as I want it to?

2. Do the right people know about me and the contribution I make to the organisation?

3. Are my clients and managers raving about me?

4. What stops me from making this the career I want it to be?

5. What knowledge do I need to acquire?

6. Who needs to know about me?

7. What do they need to know about me?

8. What assumptions am I making?

9. What behaviours could I change tomorrow?

10. What attitudes need to change now?

Ask yourself these questions every 6 months or so and be really honest with yourself. It's incredible how much positive change can happen when we just spend 30 minutes like this challenging our current situation.

- RW

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