Monday, September 26, 2011

How to Raise Your Profile WITHOUT Arrogance

We all suffer from limiting self-talk from time to time.

One of the most common concerns I hear from clients is the issue of perceived arrogance:

"What if, by raising my profile at work, people start thinking I'm arrogant?"

Let's face it, few of us wants to be thought of as 'arrogant'.

Arrogant people are not usually enjoyable to be around. They tend to hold the view that they know best and seem quite unaware as to how their actions might impact on others or, much worse, simply don't care.

So let's talk instead about 'assertiveness'.

When we assert ourselves, we behave boldly. We take responsibility for both ourselves and our actions and are driven to find solutions wherever possible.

Assertive behaviour, at its best, is also inclusive because people in the 'assertive camp' are much more aware of the people around them and actively assess how their own actions could potentially impact others.

The crucial point is this: assertive people have awareness and that makes them altogether far more likeable and effective leaders.

1. Build your personal brand by acting assertively.

2. Use an assertive tone of voice when you speak.

3. Listen to others' perspectives without necessarily agreeing with them all.

4. Stay true to yourself and your values, which means knowing what behaviours are important to you and that reflect the kind of person you want others to see.

- RW

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