Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Launch of Rise Then Shine!

Wow! We had such a fantastic time on Wednesday! It was fabulous to be part of the activity and energy at our launch 'Rise Then Shine' event!
We're really excited to see the 'Ask Rebecca How...' community growing already and are looking forward to bringing even greater focus, personal fulfilment and success to your life!

There was such a buzz around the place - and a real energy from all the ladies who got stuck in and began to discuss their challenges!
We had all sorts of goals being set and explored. Some were around our optional theme, 'building stronger relationships' including 'opening communication channels with my sister' and 'developing a stronger relationship with our suppliers' whilst others focused on working smarter: 'becoming habitual about planning my week ahead'.
We're so looking forward to celebrating members' successes on 19th May at the next 'Rise Then Shine'! And remember to hold your buddy accountable between now and then!

Want to connect with us? Join our facebook group. If you prefer 'tweeting' we're out there on twitter too as well as posting challenges for your comments on LinkedIn. Whatever your preferred social media platform, we're there!

We would love to see you at the next 'Rise Then Shine' event on 19th May. There are fabulous launch discounts currently available on both casual tickets and memberships. Better yet, bring a friend - we've some special deals available for groups of 2+ and 5+!
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