Saturday, May 8, 2010

3 Ways to Share Your Ideas With Rapport

Want some tips to be a better listener, manager or leader? Our 'Better Buddy' tips are just what you need!

"Is it okay to share my own examples or experiences when trying to help my friend solve her problem?"
Rebecca says:

Absolutely! But use these tips to make sure you do it with rapport!

1) Make sure your stories and experiences are relevant to your buddy's situation!

2) Don't 'make it all about you' - it is important to keep your stories short and sweet.

3) If using a friend's experience, refer to them as 'a friend of mine' rather than by name - confidentiality is an important thing!

If done respectfully and with rapport, sharing your own experiences, stories and examples can work wonders to reassure your buddy that other people do come across, and successfully solve, similar issues. - RW

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