Wednesday, May 19, 2010

2 Tips To Achieve Promotion

"I really want to ensure I am promoted this year. Do you have any tips that will help?" - Lynda

Tip 1: Look around you and choose a senior manager whom you respect and who already holds the position you wish to be promoted to. Observe his/her attitudes, behaviours and skills and note them down. As of today, start to emulate this person. Adopt their attitudes and behaviours; dress in a similar way; stand and walk with a similar posture; even try to think as they do. To be recognised for promotion you must 'act as if' you are already there. By proving, through demonstration, that you are already more than capable of fulfilling this elevated role, your chances of success will be considerably higher.

Tip 2: Note down the date when you wish to be promoted. Keep it close and review it regularly. Be proactive amd ask yourself every day, "What one thing can I do today to help me be promoted by date X?" - RW

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