Friday, July 6, 2012

Why Superior Leaders Make The Worst Leaders

Watch this tip on VIDEO! I want to talk to you about shadows. More on that in a bit... To make sense of this, we must first recap on 'values'. Values are factors, issues, objects and outcomes that are important to you. Good examples are 'success', 'happiness', 'family', 'wealth', 'health' and 'achievement'. Values are often aspirational. Counter to this you will also have, as we all do, what I call 'shadow values'. These are factors, issues and outcomes that you still value but would be less likely to admit to! Excellent examples are 'superiority', or 'always needing to be right'. Leaders who prioritise 'superiority' highly often make poor leaders. This shadow value is a greedy show boater, always wanting airtime. When it is in full flow, it has a profound negative effect on your behaviour: you will cut people off; hijack their ideas; and always try to trump their suggestions so that you can showcase your own expertise. Allowing these behaviours to repeat can quickly lead to you having a disengaged team - so it's time to decide: can you truly nurture and develop your team members if you need to feel superior all the time? - Rebecca

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