Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Raise Your Profile - Connect with Connectors!

They say it's not what you know, but who you know.

The reality is, you need both! However the kinds of people you choose to socialise with, both personally and professionally, can have a profound effect on you and your opportunities - both from a detrimental stand point and a hugely positive one.

Ideal people to know are 'Connectors'. These people know people. But more importantly, the most effective ones also like people.

So why is that so important?

If you take a genuine interest in people, it naturally attracts more people to you: people like being in your company because they feel wanted and special.

So seeking Connectors who just know a lot of people isn't enough. You need to seek Connectors whose 'following' really like being around that individual.

So what can Connectors like this do for you?

Well firstly they'll be interested in you and what you want to achieve. Which is always nice! Secondly they'll do what they can to help (if they like you) and thirdly, opportunities will flow because people will be keen to help you... as ultimately, their actions will help out their Connector too.

Take action now and think about the Connectors you have around you!

- RW

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