Wednesday, July 13, 2011

You Said WHAT? Tips to Overcome Limiting Self Talk

We all suffer from limiting self-talk from time to time.

The difference between people who are successful, and those who are not, is that successful people acknowledge their 'inner gremlins' almost immediately and shout them down before they've had the chance to flex their muscles and gain any momentum.

This month's self-sabotaging self-talk is:

"I'm not old enough to be taken seriously."

Age, like many things, is relative. Whilst some people see themselves as too young, others see themselves as too old. Or too fat. Or too intelligent. Or not having enough education. Or not being good enough...

The list is endless.

One thing is certain: if you run a belief like this it will continually hold you back. Well, at least until you're old enough not to have to worry about it any more :)

But life's there for the taking and so simply biding time to get to the 'right' age (whatever that may be) could mean wasting a lifetime.

Consider this. How old do you have to be to be 'taken seriously'?

Consider this. Are there fabulously successful, wealthy, happy people who are in fact very young?

As with many limiting decisions we make, this kind of belief focuses on what we feel we are lacking.

Which is completely unhelpful.

So let's focus on what you do have to be taken seriously. What skills, attributes, attitudes, behaviours do you have in your arsenal of tools that will help you to be taken completely seriously?

Once you know, go and put all your energies into those skills and act the age you want other people to regard you as.

- RW

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