Monday, October 11, 2010

VIDEO: Get Ahead Professionally in 2011!

Watch our 2 minute Welcome Video - see what goes on at 'Rise then Shine'! Are you a Business Owner or Professional Woman? We'd love you to join us at 'Rise then Shine' to help you surpass your professional objectives! • If you are a Small Business Owner, how much revenue are you losing by not having clear business objectives or a detailed business plan? • If you are a Professional, how much income are you losing out on through missed opportunities; poor career planning; and not knowing how to 'self promote' in your workplace? • Fear, self-doubt and procrastination hinder goal attainment. What other cost is this having to your health, self-esteem, success and relationships? Join us every 1st Wednesday of the month at 'Rise then Shine'! Set goals, mastermind your options in groups of 3-5 members and leave with an action plan!

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