Saturday, January 12, 2013

The 5 Types of Keyword To Use in Your LinkedIn Profile

What is a 'keyword'?

Essentially, ‘keywords’ are the words that recruiters type in when they run a search on LinkedIn.

When you're considering which keywords to add to your profile, it helps to get into the mind of a recruiter. What words is he or she likely to be looking for? What kinds of candidate would be connected to those keywords?

A simple way to work this out is to ask yourself,

‘What words have the greatest relevance within my industry?’

For example:

1. Are there particular experiences that a recruiter would need to see in your profile?

e.g. pitch work; leading new business projects

2. Might certain skill sets be important?

e.g. Advanced Xcel

3. Or specific knowledge perhaps?

e.g. risk analysis

4. Maybe she's looking for someone with particular process or product knowledge?

e.g. Software; processes; equipment

5. Companies?

e.g. the fact that you have worked for a particular company already could be very relevant to a recruiter looking for someone with your experience

Scatter these keywords throughout your LinkedIn profile and CV.

Don't over-do it and repetition is fine.

- Rebecca

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