Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Be Careful Who You Share Your Dreams With

How often have you set out to try something new, or do something you believe will bring greater happiness and fulfilment to your life, only for someone else to try and knock you back? The conversation might have gone something like this:

YOU: "I am so excited! I'm going to quit my job and pursue my dream career."

DREAM SNATCHER: "Oh really? Why would you want to do that?"

YOU: "Well I hate my job and I've always dreamt of being a chef."

DREAM SNATCHER: "Oh really? What about your mortgage - how will you
pay that?"

YOU: "Well..."

DREAM SNATCHER: "And what if it doesn't work -you've no guarantees. It's a huge risk, you must see that."

YOU: "Well actually I was thinking more about the benefits but... now you say that...."


Before this conversation happened, you were coming from a place of abundance and opportunity. You were looking for ways to make your life as you wished it to be. You love food, creativity and get high every time someone simpers over the food you have cooked.

The Dream Snatcher is always going to come from a place of scarcity and fear: What if this goes wrong? How will you cope? What if you fail? What if you run put of money?

Be careful who you share your dreams with.

When you're pursuing a change in your life, however big or small, surround yourself with people and environments that support you. Seek out people who have done what you are looking to achieve already, listen to what they have learnt, learn from their experiences and successes. Dream Snatchers have never dipped their toe into the sea of opportunity before... why on earth would they have useful opinions to offer you?

THink of it this way: If you wanted to buy an investment property would you ask your dad for advice if he had never bought one before... or someone with a portfolio of property worth over $10m?

When embarking on a new path, whatever it may be, there is no room for doubt or for doubters. -RW

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