Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Fulfilled Life: Does Luck Enter Into It?

In my career coaching practice, one of the things I hear fairly commonly is this:

"The ideal career doesn't exist. I mean, people who enjoy what they do for a living just got lucky."

Possibly. Possibly not.

One of the most sensible things someone very close to me once said was, "You create your own luck". The more I think about this mantra, and apply it to my own life, the more it makes sense to me.

To lead a life that gives you purpose requires for you to live it purposefully. That means 'with intention, with direction, with gusto'!

Ask yourself:

"What sort of people do I want around me in my life?"
"What sort of career would best fulfill me?"
"What am I truly here to do?"
"If I could wave a wand, how would I make my life different?"
"If I were to look back on my life at age 85, what did it have to include for me to rest happy?"

Why not seek out your 'ideals'. They are, after all, what will bring you the deepest satisfaction, happiness and success in your life.

- RW
'You only live once. Decide what you're here to do.TM'

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