Monday, June 14, 2010

How To Become a Powerful Leader - Follow My Simple Formula

I'm sure you'll agree that before you can lead others you must also know how to manage, or lead, yourself.

I'd like to share a simple formula that I use with my private coaching clients. Quite simply, you can choose to sit on one side of the formula or the other. And once you regularly begin to adopt the 'right' side of the formula, I guarantee you will not only start to lead yourself and others more effectively, you will also enjoy more success in all aspects your life.

I'd like you to imagine a line. Below the line is the acronym 'BED'. Above the line is the acronym 'ROAR'! Now, let's add some meat to explain each acronym:

R esponsible
O wnership
A ccountable
R ight now!

B lame
E xcuses
D oubt

This is a hugely powerful dimension.

So many of us, when faced with a challenge, problem or situation choose to sit on the wrong side of the dimension: below the line. If you choose your BED more often than you choose to ROAR, I guarantee you won't be enjoying the outcomes you want in your life!

You will probably spend a lot of time and energy finding reasons why things can't be done; why you don't deserve particular outcomes; why life is unfair; why Joe Bloggs is luckier than you; why Joe Smith is more successful than you; why stuff's too hard; why you didn't get that promotion; why you aren't being paid more...

It's a simple choice. Do you want to roll over and stay in BED or are you going to be accountable, stand on your bed, seize the moment right now and ROAR? - RW

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