Saturday, March 16, 2013

5 Key Differences Between 'Assertiveness' and 'Arrogance'

When I work with clients to help them become more assertive, a common resistance they have is their belief that other people might misconstrue their intention and regard them as 'arrogant'.

For obvious reasons, most people wouldn't wish to be regarded as being 'arrogant' but the fact is, there is a real difference between the two.
Decide for yourself whether you could ever be judged as being arrogant based on these differences:

Assertive People: are open to other opinions.
Arrogant People: believe only their opinion matters.


Assertive People: listen to others.
Arrogant People: ignore everyone else.


Assertive People: state their opinion decisively.
Arrogant People: shout and argue.


Assertive People: act constructively and inclusively.
Arrogant People: dictate.


Assertive People: engage people and draw them towards them.
Arrogant People: push people away.

Now, when you look at these two very different attitudes (and their resultant behaviours) hopefully you’ll agree that acting 'assertively' can only be of benefit to you!

What do you think? What are your experiences?

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