Monday, February 4, 2013

Are You Entitled to Ask For a Pay Rise?

Laura* and I have just reached the 'Assertiveness' segment of her coaching program and we were talking about pay rises.

She asked me, "But Rebecca, am I entitled to ask for a pay rise?"

The question made me inwardly gasp.

"What do you mean exactly Laura?" I asked, to be sure I understood her correctly.

"Well I've never asked for one before and I wondered whether I can ask."

I work with clients at all different stages of their careers. And when it comes to pay, some are negotiating multiple layered packages involving their base pay; flexi hours; and performance-based bonuses whilst others, like Laura, are unsure whether they should be asking for one at all.

"What makes you think you wouldn't be entitled to a pay rise?" I asked.

Laura stopped for a while. "I don't really know. I've always just been too scared to ask."

If there is one thing I've learnt from both personal experience and years of coaching corporate men and women, only you can determine your value and worth.

If you decide you're never worth a pay rise then that's up to you but remember, it's just your fear keeping you safe from potential rejection.

What if you do ask for a pay rise? What are the potential consequences?

A potential pay rise!

More importantly what if you don't ask? Surely the consequences are a whole lot worse.

I'd love to hear your stories and experiences having asked for a pay rise. Have you experienced this 'fear' of potential rejection? How did you manage it?


* Laura's name has been changed in view of client confidentiality.

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