Sunday, August 26, 2012

Life Is Too Short To Focus on Weaknesses

The world is obsessed with 'fixing weakness'. Children get their school reports back and instead of focusing on the 3 'As', the parent might focus on 'fixing' the 'F' instead (which would have been in maths no doubt)... :) Then, as adults, we go to work and performance reviews are structured exactly the same way: let's fix the weaknesses. Marcus Buckingham, in his best selling book, "Now, discover your strengths" talks about the idea of 'well roundedness'. Why do we try to be excellent 'all rounders' when we each have natural strengths we should be capitalising on. He says investing time developing your weaknesses is merely offering 'damage control' - but you'll never truly excel if that's all you're ever able to do. So how about celebrating your strengths instead? Here's a challenge: think about a talent you have that you do so well, you don't even consider it to be a talent. Maybe you're really organised. Maybe you're brilliant socially. Maybe you're highly analytical. Spend 5 minutes, right now, working out how you should use that strength more every single day... and then do it. - Rebecca


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