Monday, May 14, 2012

Are You Compromising Your Personal Brand?

Our ultimate coaching program, Neon Zebra, has a unique focus. As well as exploring a range of leadership, personal and professional goal setting strategies (amongst other things!) it also has a strong element of personal branding strategy included in it. I am a huge advocate of authentic personal branding. What do I mean by that? In a nutshell it is about uncovering what is unique and special about you and what value you have to offer - from both a personal and professional perspective. I have found, over the years of coaching many professional women, that one of the issues so many women struggle with is understanding what their value is and, possibly more importantly, being able to communicate that value with total confidence. This is what makes Neon Zebra so special because it is the only career coaching program that delves so deeply into this essential area of personal development. So let's talk about it some more. Authentic personal branding is about being true to yourself. This means the strategies are unique to you and what matters most to you (your values). For example we don't advocate any one particular style of leadership to clients because each and every client has a unique approach to leadership that works most effectively for her. So the question I'd like you to ponder is this: Are you being your Authentic Self at work? - Rebecca

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