Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Self Promotion: The 7 Vital Ingredients (Part 3 of 3)

We continue our exploration of tools to help you raise your profile at work - here is our last instalment covering:

Foundation 6: Taking ownership
Foundation 7: Career planning

Foundation 6: Taking Ownership

Our penultimate foundation is more of an attitude.

Let me share a story: Debbie sits down at the beginning of the year to consider what her 3 top professional objectives are for the next 12 months. Mary on the other hand drifts through her life, turning up to work every day without knowing how it fits into the big picture.

- Which of these women is more likely to enjoy fulfilment and success at work?
- Who has greater direction?
- Who will find it easier to raise awareness of her proile?

It's up to you to take ownership of your own career and how you spend your time. Are you working towards an objective or merely drifting along? If you're currently a 'drifter' ask what that is costing you weekly, monthly, annually?

Foundation 7: Career Planning

With the right attitudes in place you can become methodical about planning how your career will pan out. Think about the projects you want to work on this year. Think about the people you want to get to know. Think about key decision makers who would be useful to you and your career. Think about the reviews you need to schedule in.

There's no point in waiting for anyone else to do any of this for you - it is absolutely up to you to plan you own career and then take action...

... and then you can relish all your successes!


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